CAS NO. 61788-62-3

Double coconut oil alkyl methyl tertiary amine
Double coconut oil tertiary amine
Methyl biscocoamine
Double coconut oil methyl tertiary amine


Double-coco-methyl tertiary amine (MADCO) is the main raw material for the production of cationic quaternary ammonium salt. It can be reacted with benzyl chloride to produce double-chain benzyl quaternary ammonium salt. It is used in bentonite, pigment and dye industry, textile industry widely used.
Double coconut oil-based methyl tertiary amine (double coconut oil tertiary amine, MADCO) can react with methyl chloride and other quaternized raw materials to form double-chain quaternary ammonium salt DCO21, which can be used as a bactericide, softener, emulsifier, and surfactant. Applied in industries such as pigment, dyestuff, mineral flotation, water treatment, oil field, textile, daily chemical, bentonite etc.
Dicocoyl methyl tertiary amine (Dicoco tertiary amine, MADCO) can also react with dimethyl sulfate and diethyl sulfate to form Gemini quaternary ammonium salt.




Tertiary amine content /%


Total amine value mgKOH/g


Primary and Secondary Amines /%


Water /%


Color Gardner


Package and Storage:

Double coconut oil-based methyl tertiary amine (double coconut oil tertiary amine, MADCO) is packed in 160 kg/barrel; stored in a cool and ventilated indoor place, protected from moisture and exposure to the sun, storage period is 12 months.

Safety Protection:

Double cocoyl methyl tertiary amine (MADCO) is a chemical synthesis intermediate raw material. Please avoid contact with eyes and skin during use. If there is contact, please rinse with plenty of water and send it to a doctor for treatment.